Cover Art

The art featured on this website is by Yun Bai, a feminist artist based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Originally from Beijing, China, Bai migrated to Tallahassee, Florida with her
parents at the age of six. Yun Bai explores different mediums such as porn magazines and ping pong balls while also using traditional mediums (oil paints, watercolors, etc).  In her artwork, she focuses on 1)issues in identity while creating 2) social stimulatory experiments presented through 3) sarcastic mockery, often with a 4) feminist twist, while observing 5) urban culture with some sort of 6) scientific reference attached.

Bai created a series called “Porn Flowers”. Her website reads, “From afar you see the flowers -beautiful and detailed, but nothing out of the ordinary. Upon closer inspection, the leaves and petals reveal themselves to be female body parts drawn from a collage of imagery found in pornographic magazines. While some may view pornography as objectifying and exploitative, Yun uses the imagery as a form of empowerment to make something beautiful out of what the status quo deems vulgar. The Porn Flowers have grown to symbolize triumph over difficult times with a focus on healing, strength, courage, and enthusiasm for the future.”

View Yun Bai’s portolio here