Colgate University coined the term “Feminist Blogosphere,” and I thought it was fitting for this area of our WS blog. Below you will find various feminist blog sites that aim to highlight different aspects of the news and provide important information regarding women’s bodies.

Feminisms in Action: http://colgatefeminism.blogspot.com/

Started by a Colgate Student, “Feminisms in Action” provides weekly posts about feminist issues in news. As it is written by a Women’s Studies major, the posts are relevant and speak to an audience via an intersectional approach.

Our Bodies, Our Blog: http://www.ourbodiesourselves.org/blog/

Centered around Our Bodies, Ourselves, the authors aim to distill the most accurate scientific information regarding women’s health, reproduction, and sexuality.

Rewire: https://rewire.news/

This online publication takes up issues within the news that cover sexuality, reproductive health, and justice. The blog covers a range of topics, and provides access to the ways in which we think through our daily lives.

Code Pink: http://www.codepink.org/splash?splash=1

An organization that promotes peaceful activism and nonviolence, Code Pink provides toolkits for activism and ways to become more involved in promoting peace. The organization is worldwide so as to promote global peace as well.


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