Imagining Knowledge Production in the Academy

From Eloise Peabbles at Wheaton College:

Women’s Autonomy

Autonomy: freedom from external control or influence

400 level, Seminar/discussion based

This course addresses women’s experience in patriarchal societies and how this subjugated placement influences women’s sense of self (identity). Introductory knowledge will be used to strengthen student’s understanding of “the woman” as a social construct, the hegemony within patriarchal institutions, paradoxes in advocating for rights, and spiritual autonomy. We will look at women’s experiences through historiographic, analytical and sociological lens’ to understand intersectional identities and the process of gaining autonomy, whether it be political or intrapersonal. We will address power as a relational force that is withheld from women in society through a critical lens and study women’s wisdom as a platform for autonomy.


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