Who We Are

WMST300 class Fall 2016

Gwen 2018 — Hi everybody. I am a LGBT studies major and Education minor. I hope to be a second grade teacher! I love dancing, watching foreign horror movies, and making the kids that I work with feel empowered. Fun facts: My name was spelled wrong on my birth certificate and Pocahontas is my great x6 grandmother.

Audrey 2017 — Hello fellow womyn!!!  I am a Womyn’s Studies major and current William Smith senior in this killer course Fem. Theory.  Ever since declaring my major I have found some empowering and inspiring people.  My focus is on feminist social interactions in our society.  My goal is to make people uncomfortable in a constructive way and being my most true and natural self.  Go into the world unabashed, ready to argue

Vincent 2017 — Hey, humans! My name is Vincent Creer and I use she, he, & they done pronouns. I am a genderqueer person who is double majoring in Women’s Studies and LGBT Studies at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, NY. Fun facts: I am a nail polish and dance enthusiast who is patiently waiting for

Sophie 2017 — Hello everyone! I’m a Sociology major from Germany, studying at WS in Fall 2016. Much like Kylo Ren, I am a huge drama queen who wears a lot of black and tries really hard to look cool. My other hobbies include doing finger guns, being tired of forced heterosexual relationships in media, having bad posture, and most importantly discussing feminist and queer issues with interesting people.

Amber 2017 — Hey Guys, I am a Media and Society major and a Women’s Studies minor. My passions include Black Feminist Theory, long walks on the beach, watching TV, and cooking. I consider myself to be a feminist (obvi), and my dream is to use what I have learned in Feminist Theory, and long with my media studies, to change the way that marginalized communities are viewed in the media. I hope you guys enjoy what I have to share!

Julia M. 2019 — Hello everyone! I am a sophomore at William Smith double majoring in Women’s Studies and LGBT with a minor in Public Policy. I enjoy connecting with nature, reading and watching lots of quirky books and shows, and discussing feminism with friends and the internet.

Alexa 2018 — Hello all! I am a Women’s Studies major and History & Political Science double minor here at the colleges. My major focuses in my studies are women’s roles throughout history and in politics and government, and I hope someday to teach High School History and apply feminism to what I teach!  In my spare time I enjoy watching documentaries, trashy TV shows, and seeing how quickly I can re-watch all of Grey’s Anatomy, I also love to spend time with my friends and the WS Rugby Team!

Sammie 2017 — Hello! I am a Women’s Studies and Psychology double major and a current senior at William Smith. You can often find me reading cookbooks, watching Broad City, and petting dogs. In the coming post-grad years I hope to achieve the role of feminist activist/law student and/or chef.

Claire 2018 — What’s good! My name is Claire and I’m a double major in English and, you guessed it, Women’s Studies. I’m a Long Islander trying to survive the upstate bagel scene. You can find me tap dancing away from my problems, eating my weight in pasta, or imagining prison abolition. Let’s re-vision the world together!

Kat 2017 — Hi there! I am a double major in Women’s Studies and Psychology interested in reproductive rights and feminist art. You can find me eating a bagel and drinking a huge cup of coffee nearly every morning in the library. In my spare time I’m usually drawing/painting, hiking, or curled up watching some of my fav TV shows (Good Girls Revolt, Transparent, and Broad City).

(WS WMST majors 2016)

Natalie 2016 — howdy all of y’all! I’m a WMST major/intersectional feminist cat who wants to listen, learn, and engage with you! I enjoy finding Trump supporters at parties and letting them spew out all their arguments before gently prompting: “so do you care about women, gay folks, immigrants or you know… anyone who’s not a well-off white dude? Haha (:” The master’s tools may never dismantle the master’s house but stealing the master’s beer is an effective way to ruin his night 🍻😘 👑

Sara 2016 — Hi friends!!! I am a WMST and Public Policy double major who spends most of her time intermingling with feminist ideas and policy changes. I am always talking– whether about Gloria Steinem, my right to vote or even my choice over my body. I have an opinion and sure as hell love to share it!! I have a voice, do you?

Juliet 2016 — Hello everybody! I’m a “go with the flow kind of gal” who just recently found my feminist footing. I enjoy talking about psychology and feminism with my roommates and listening to NPR!

Tory S 2016  My spirit feminists are Virginia Woolf, Audre Lorde, Eleanor Roosevelt, Simone de Beauvior, and Amy Poehler (aka Leslie Knope). Hobbies include feminist nerding, poetry, aspiring to achieve level Beyoncé in womanhood and discussing current politics with people who “can’t even.” I am graduating May 2016 and I am proud to be a William Smith Women’s Studies major! 🎉🎓💪

Hannah 2016 — Hello visitors! Most call me Hannah, some call me Web- I’ll take either. I am a double major in women’s and LGBT studies, with a minor in binge-watching Netflix. You’ll find me hiking with my dog, struggling to learn the harmonica, or gently discussing/fighting with my family about feminism and queer theory.

Molly 2016 — Existentialist ecofeminist dancing through a patriarchal world. Interests include: authentic self expression, Norwegian Forest Cats, Renaissance politics, free-form cooking, and online personality tests.  Catch me improvising post-grad life starting summer 2016.

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When Women Pursue Justice, a mural by Janet Braun-Reinitz (WS ’73) of Artmakers, Inc. (45′ x 78′ Brooklyn, NY 2005)