Who We Are

Senior Seminar 2017 

Kim Gutierrez

Hi! My name is Kim Gutierrez, I’m a senior at William Smith. I am double majoring in Sociology and Women’s Studies and double minoring in Political Science and Public Policy. From the beginning of my academic career women studies granted me with tools to realize the potential of feminist intervention in all aspects of life both personal and public. I have dedicated my academic career to employing these tools of intervention to raise issues of collective empowerment for disenfranchised voices and simultaneously learning about more tools for intervention through intersectional feminist frameworks.

Viola Doles

Hello readers! Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Viola Doles and I am currently a senior at William Smith College. I am a Women’s Studies and Public Policy double major with a minor in Sociology. My academic pursuits began with tackling issues of reproductive health and family planning. Throughout my four years at William Smith my academic interests and passions have evolved to focus primarily on issues surrounding poverty and early childhood education. I have refocused a large part of my research and academic engagement on creating accessible and affordable quality childcare and early childhood education to women living in poverty. The current American political climate has also led to a heightened interest how all political and legislative proposals and changes will affect women and families living in poverty. It is my hope that through establishing my feminist public voice I will contribute to  creating a new form of millennial feminism that extends past my circle of like minded peers and challenges and debates with opposing opinions as well as the opinions I choose to hold dear.

Sammie Kearney

Hi all! My name is Sammie Kearney and I am a senior at William Smith with a double major in Women’s Studies and Psychology. I have a passion for critical thinking and feminist theory. My favorite feminist authors and theorists include Angela Davis, Audre Lorde, and Sara Ahmed. In my free time I enjoy spending time outdoors skiing and hiking. I also enjoy creating feminist art, cooking in feminist kitchens, spending time with my cat, eating donuts, and walking dogs.

Audry Bates

I am Women’s Studies major at William Smith College with a music minor.  I have grown up in a household full of girls, with a mom and dad and two older sisters.  I have never had a lack of female role models in my life, my sisters and parents have always taught me to treat everybody with kindness, compassion, and equality, but also to stand up for myself.   As a feminist I realize I am my own best advocate, but I can also be an advocate for other women as well as spread the knowledge of feminism through everyday actions.  In my last semester of my undergraduate career I have realized how strong my voice can be.  I have begun to question and disrupt the norms we see and experience every day, and have found my own strength through the act of confronting and communication.  I believe that respectful confrontation and communication is an important part to spreading feminist ideas and building a greater and more public understanding of what it actually means to be a feminist.  To be a feminist is to be strong, to fight for equality, to disrupt, to look through and understand other lenses, and to realize there is not a single person’s feminism, but that everybody is part of a feminist movement.

Jenny Norris

Hi everyone! My name is Jenny Norris and I am a senior at William Smith, with a  major in Women’s Studies and a minor in Chemistry. I have a passion for nutrition and am planning to pursuit a career as a Registered Dietitian. Majoring in Women’s Studies has given me valuable perspectives in ways to think through what it actually means to have a nutritious lifestyle, and it has allowed me to think about the dynamic relationship between feminism and food. I hope to be able further delve into this relationship in my own practice to improve access and education to better nutrition.

Sophie Richards

Hi all! My name is Sophie Richards, I’m a senior here at William Smith and a double major in Women’s Studies and Anthropology/Sociology. My research interests revolve around sexual violence through lenses which focus on racial, economic and gendered privilege. I explore these identities specifically in looking at the ways in which individuals interact with institutions; thinking about how the former informs the latter, and vice versa, both contemporarily and historically.

Kat Lyle 

Hi there! My name is Kat and I am in my last year of undergrad at William Smith. I am a double major in Women’s Studies and Psychology and interested in reproductive justice and feminist art. I’m hoping to possibly pursue a master’s degree in public health with a concentration in reproductive health. You can find me eating a bagel and drinking a huge cup of coffee nearly every morning in the library. In my spare time, I’m usually drawing/painting, hiking, or curled up watching some of my fav TV shows (Good Girls Revolt, Transparent, and Broad City).